Vitamins, vitamins and more vitamins! Vitamin Formulas, multi-vitamins and now Nutriceuticals – Are they vitamins too? What are they?

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(PRWEB) February 1, 2003

HUNTINGTON, NY – Good questions. The many kinds and types of vitamins that are offered very often confuse folks. Let’s take a look at these vitamin terms and try to explain what they mean.

A vitamin by definition is any organic substance that is essential in minute quantities to the nutrition of most animals and some plants. Vitamins act especially as coenzymes and precursors of coenzymes in the regulation of metabolic processes but do not provide energy or serve as building units. Vitamins are present in natural foods or sometimes produced within the body.

Vitamin C, as an example, is a well-known vitamin that is needed by the body for various reasons. It is a valuable anti-oxidant and it fights scurvy. There are many individual vitamins that your body needs in varying amounts each and every day.

When you put several vitamins together, you create a vitamin formula or a multi-vitamin. So, many vitamins put together are multi-vitamins. Nutritionists recommend certain amounts of vitamins and recommend daily doses. When you put many vitamins together in their recommended daily dose amounts, you get a multi-vitamin or a vitamin formula. These are great for everyday use.

A nutriceutical is a bit different. As an example, certain vitamins are known to improve memory. Putting all those memory vitamins together into one formula expressly to help improve memory creates a nutriceutical. Biotrex Memory+ is a nutriceutical that puts all the vitamins needed to enhance or improve memory into one easy-to-take tablet. Instead of buying many individual memory vitamins, we put them all together for you, saving you money.

If you want to know how each vitamin in our formulas help you, visit the BiotrexVitamins website and click on the link at the bottom of the entry page. There you will see a vitamin glossary that will take you through the individual vitamins and how they help your body.

If you click through to each product page, we have other links that show you each ingredient in that nutriceutical and how those vitamins work together.

Biotrex makes 6 Nutriceutical formulas. Now you can Buy 2 Get 1 Free – Choose from Anti-Aging, Sports Recovery, Joint Repair, Memory, Back Repair, and Attention Enhancement nutriceutical formulas all available at

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