Startup With Powerful Friends InVite Health and Hickey Chemists Merge

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(PRWEB) July 20, 2002

Nutraceutical companies have seen dramatic drops in sales as more sophisticated and educated consumers and health care professionals embrace Complementary and Alternative Medicine but demand high quality sophisticated products that assure safety. InVite Health has shown exceptional growth,driven by, states Chairman of the Board Samuel D. Benjamin, M.D. (former Professor and Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine and presently Corporate Medical Director of Integrative Services at Humana Inc. ) the fact that “InVite products are conceived in science, research and conventional medicine – focusing on high quality production and quality control comparable to pharmaceutical standards. This makes InVite a credible and formidable nutritional product.” ” In addition”, he points out “InVite has the most illustrious Scientific Advisory Board in the industry lead by both academic leaders in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine movement such as Brian Berman,M.D. from the University of Maryland and David Riley, M.D. from the University of New Mexico and Andrew Weisl,M.D. from the University of Arizona. InVite multivitamins were designed by Weil and Benjamin.

InVite Health is an affiliate of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Technology in Biotechnology and collaborates in production and research with Cornell, Capsugel (a Division of Warner Lambert, a Pfizer company), Carotech of Malaysia, Kemin Inc, USA, Ly-Co- Mato of Israel and giant DSM of Holland.

Hickey Chemists in Manhattan and Long Island, New York is a unique retail chain of pharmacies selling nutraceuticals and compounding products exclusively throughout the Metro area for physicians and their patients with stores staffed by natural pharmacists and nutritional counselors . In addition, Hickey adds warehousing facilities,catalogue sales and a complete state of the art fulfillment center. Jerry Hickey, a natural pharmacist has joined InVite and is a popular figure on radio in New York and a well known spokesman for the responsable and appropriate use of nutraceuticals. He contributes an important marketing expertise to the direct to consumer retail element with the merger.

“With Steven Kornblatt as CEO of InVite who has extensive retail experience and with our shared goals relating to quality and responsable marketing, it seemed like a natural union” states Benjamin.

Hickey Chemist and InVite lines now share common production facilities and both product lines have expanded. Retail sales, radio promotions for products and natural pharmacy expansion is already underway. Franchise opportunities are already being explored in locations nationally

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