Javaan Corporation Launches Campaign to Fight Back at Flu Season

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(PRWEB) October 10, 2002

Boston, MA, October 9, 2002—With cold and flu season just around the corner, Javaan Corporation, a producer of nutritional products based on leading research in nutritional immunology, is launching a campaign to help Americans boost their immune system defenses and reduce the discomfort, inconvenience and potential dangers of these common ailments.

Javaan Corporation is sponsoring a seminar for physicians and pharmacists, in which Dr. Ranjit Chandra, Director of the World Health Organization Centre for Nutritional Immunology and Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University, will present results of 12 years of research proving an irrefutable link between nutrition and immune system strength, especially among adults over 50. The seminar will take place Wednesday, October 9 at 7 PM, at the Burlington Marriott Hotel.

According to Dr. Chandra, nutritional deficiencies appear to increase with age and are surprisingly common among older adults in all industrialized countries, even though there’s no shortage of food. Researchers have learned that men and women over 50 simply can’t get the amounts of some of the most important nutrients they need to keep their immune system healthy by eating a reasonable quantity and variety of foods due to a decline in particular bodily functions.

As a result, aging Americans, the fastest growing population in the country, are significantly more prone to illness—everything from colds and flu to more serious and sometimes lethal infections—and generally feeling below par than younger people. In fact, they’re twice as likely to see a doctor and three times as likely to need hospitalization, and their hospital stays are twice as long. They also tend to consume twice the number of prescription drugs.

“Doctors have known for years that a flu epidemic severe enough to wipe out thousands of people, as it did in 1918, could happen any time,” says Dr. Chandra. “Vaccines against flu virus, hepatitis, pneumonia and other diseases play a critical role in preventing illness and reducing risk of death, but there’s a nutritional component that’s just as important. In fact, nutritional deficiencies reduce the ability of many vaccines to do their job.”

Dr. Chandra believes that multivitamin supplements are an excellent means to ensure levels of essential nutrients are maintained at their optimum levels, which in turn strengthens the immune system and reduces the risks of contracting viral illnesses, and reduces their severity when they do strike.

Through his research, Dr. Chandra has developed a precise quantitative analysis of the combination of nutrients that offer the best protection against immune system weaknesses. These nutrients have been tested both individually, and in combination, on hundreds of subjects in Canada with impressive results. In three studies in Ontario and Newfoundland involving more than 900 men and women 50 years of age and older, Dr. Chandra found that men and women over 65 who were given a multivitamin and mineral supplement containing the nutrient levels specified by his research reported only half as many sick days as a group given a placebo. The group also showed significant improvements in cognitive function. Dr. Chandra later studied the effects of the same formulation on men and women 50-65, with similar results.

“These studies show that from middle-age onwards, people should take a multivitamin with this specific combination of nutrients to keep their immune systems strong and healthy,” says Dr. Chandra. “The research shows this is important, even if you think you’re eating a good diet.”

The multinutrient formulation researched by Dr. Chandra is now available in the U.S. under the brand name Javaan 50. Based on Dr. Chandra’s research, Javaan 50 is a patented, daily multinutrient specially formulated to support the changing nutritional needs of men and women over 50. It is currently available by ordering from Javaan’s website at or by dialing toll-free (1-866-4-JAVAAN).

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